Yongguk in LOE Dallas. © ©

“There are lots of people cooler than Yongguk, but you are the one and only Yongguk.” was something that stuck in my memory. My grandfather actually said this to me. — Bang Yongguk.

(Fonte: guknotized)

안녕하세요 빛나는 샤이니 입니다!

annyeonghaseyo bitnaneun SHINee imnida!

(Fonte: almightae)

This never fails to make me laugh. 

(Fonte: kim-keyra)

(Fonte: shawollet)

(Fonte: hobinity)

(Fonte: seuyeon)


Interviewing Haenam's No. 1 rapper Sung Jang Goon.

Audience reaction to last line of “Look out for Detox

bobby just being hot

san e speaking the truth on smtm3.