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Happy 23th birthday to Kim Kibum!
It’s hard to put everything I wish him in words. I wish I could say it in person, that I don’t want him to change, that he definitely changed my life and he’s my safe place, where I can hide, when something is not right. Even, when I’m in a gloomy or depressing mood I only need to look at the picture of him and it brightens everything. His smile is my cure. Kim Kibum and Key are different persons but both of them are precious. Key appears on stage as energetic and expressive guy with much charisma. And what about Kibum? I would say that he’s an angel and he has shown it many times. Also, family is really important to him, so I hope he can spend this special day with them.
We, Shawols, love you and wish you the best!

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Being awesome since September 23rd, 1991. ~ Happy Birthday to our Mr. Perfect, Kim Kibum. (๑′ᴗ‵๑)

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Happy Birthday Mr. Visual 

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how to eat a lemon and an orange by Lee Taemin
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i’m your boy nah, we are your boys! 

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Happy Birthday to our kitty bummie ;uu; 910923 

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The things we love about Key (Instagram Style).

Happy Birthday to SHINee’s “Face Face Visual” Kim Kibum!  Continue to be wacky, wonderful, fun, and fabulous! The SHINee World will always be by your shining side  (Posting this a bit early because of school)

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